Privacy Policy

HONEST GREENS BARCELONA S.A. is the owner of the Honest Greens App or digital platform in the Honest Greens website (hereinafter, the App). This notwithstanding, the App is used by the HONEST GREENS companies that own each respective HONEST GREENS restaurant (hereinafter jointly referred to as HONEST GREENS), which are responsible for processing the personal data of Users who place and order with the particular HONEST GREENS restaurant. When it comes to accessing, browsing and purchasing in the App it is mandatory to read and agree to the “legal texts” (i.e., the Legal Notice, this Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions and the Cookie Policy).

In order to access and use the App, the User must provide the following personal data:

Contact data
  • When incorporating User data in the registration form, User provides name, telephone number and email.
  • When home delivery or outpost services are ordered, the User provides to HONEST GREENS with details of the address/es regarding home, work office or similar which are stored in the User’s account.
  • When User decide to invite a friend or any other to join with HONEST GREENS and create and account, or buy a gift card for them, names and email addresses of both are collected to offer discounts or welcome rewards. When User shares the personal information of others with HONEST GREENS, User is responsible for ensuring to obtain their permission to do so.
  • When the client (entity) of the Honest Base services designates its employees/beneficiaries that will be part of this service, it provides to HONEST GREENS with a list of the email addresses of these employees/beneficiaries to link them to HonestBase system to apply the discounts or rewards pre-agreed between HONEST GREENS and the company in question. When the client (entity) of the HonestBase services shares the personal information of its employees with HONEST GREENS, the client (entity) is responsible for having a sufficient legal basis to do so.
Profile data
  • When incorporating User data in the registration form via social login with Google or Apple user account, HONEST GREENS receives data from the User’s profile of such third parties’ User account. The platform provider’s privacy policy will apply to User interactions and its collection, use and sharing of User personal information.
  • Associated with the User account, HONEST GREENS has custody of the confidential access password established by User during the registration stage.
"Sign-up with Google" data access
  • HONEST GREENS only will access to your email address and full name to create your hg profile. No other data will be used.
Order and bank data
  • When User place orders to any of the HONEST GREENS restaurants, information about payment transaction (credit card details; specifically, the name, card number, expiry data and CVV number) is provided to HONEST GREENS.
  • The HONEST GREENS App also records details of the history of orders placed associated with the User account.
Communications an messaging data
  • When User communicates with HONEST GREENS for any purpose, such as giving feedback, requesting help or support, claims, etc.
  • When User requests to receive communications regarding HONEST GREENS products and services, restaurants, newsletters. User’s personal data as his/her preferences over products and services, gender, location (if it has been expressly consented by User), or other information of the social networks User account (if User has sign in with its social network account) may be used to elaborate User profiles for marketing purposes or suggestions for contacting friends. These profiles do not involve any automated decisions affecting Users’ rights and interests. You can request more information about the logic applied through the contact means of HONEST GREENS.
Electronic connection data
  • Information about User device, IP address, User online activity, location-based information or similar information may be collected by HONEST GREENS for statistical and security purposes (i.e. to prevent impersonation, fraudulent orders or non-location-enabled deliveries).
  • HONEST GREENS does not link this information with users’ identification data nor does it keep records for other purposes secondary to those described in this Privacy Policy.

User agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete personal information and, where applicable, User guarantees that he/she has informed and obtained consent from third parties for the use of the App and its functionalities.

The User accepts that said data will be processed by the HONEST GREENS companies for the following purposes with the legal basis likewise set forth hereunder:

  1. To create and administer User account to enable secure features to the App, such as sending User security codes and remembering details of User device and connection data from which User use to connect to the App, based on the execution of the agreement and the legitimate interest in assuring security in the App.
  2. To deal with and manage the serving of the orders placed by the User, including by communicating them to our local restaurants, delivery networks or other service providers involved in the services offered in the App, pursuant to execution of the agreement.
  3. To manage the complementary services related to the card gifts and the loyalty discount program in accordance with the execution of the agreement.
  4. To contact the User in the event of any incidents, delays, errors in the order or delivery, security alerts and/or administrative e-mail notifications, pursuant to execution of the agreement.
  5. To improve and speed up the service provided by the HONEST GREENS companies via the App in accordance with the legitimate interest in enhancing efficiency of the business and offering improved and complementary services to customers and users, and solving errors detected based on the User’s experience
  6. To send promotions, discounts and offers for the products of the HONEST GREENS companies whenever the User has given express consent to receive commercial communications, as well as to administer surveys and other kind of market studies, elaborate statistics over aggregated or pseudonymized data or similar research and development purpose. User may opt out of HONEST GREENS marketing and promotional communications or withdraw its consent at any time.
  7. To deal with complaints, claims and suggestions submitted to the HONEST GREENS companies, based on legal obligations in the sphere of consumer affairs and the legitimate interest of the controller.
  8. To send satisfaction and assessment surveys to employees of the HONEST GREENS companies based on the legitimate interest in motivating employees to establish work incentives.
  9. To be able to track delivery staff in order to be familiar with the status and estimated time of delivery, based on the legitimate interest in offering a quality service to customers.
  10. To comply with applicable laws, judicial or administrative authorities requests; protect HONEST GREENS rights, including making and defending legal claims or prevent and investigate fraudulent, harmful and/or illegal activities, including cyberattacks and identity theft.

User states and assures that all the information he supplies to the HONEST GREENS companies via the App is true, up-to-date, and complete, and he undertakes to notify them of any change or update to his data. User can check and modify their data through the App, as well as delete their account at any time.

Conservation period

The data collected via the App shall be conserved by the HONEST GREENS companies for the period strictly necessary to comply with the purposes above and, in any case, for as long as the User’s account remains active on the App. Once an account has been deleted, or upon the exercise of the right of deletion, the data shall remain blocked until the statute of limitations governing the liabilities that may arise from the processing of data or the provision of the service has expired, pursuant to mandatory regulations.

Recipients and data transfers

The HONEST GREENS companies wish to inform Users that, based on legitimate interests, their data may be made available to IT service providers, such as hosting and email servers and financial institutions to collect payments, transportation companies for home deliveries or external accounting firms in order to process bills. The data may also be disclosed to other companies in the group since HONEST GREENS restaurants are managed by various companies for whom access to data or, if applicable, the assignment of data is necessary in order to offer an efficient service. Details of all HONEST GREENS companies that own the Honest Greens restaurants may be consulted in the Legal Notice. The foregoing shall also be notwithstanding any disclosure of data that is legally enforced.

The HONEST GREENS companies assign information relating to Users’ preferences to the companies, allowing the HONEST GREENS companies that own the Honest Greens restaurants to offer various discounts and/or promotions based on those preferences, and indeed to share with the companies managing the Honest Greens restaurants assessments and comments published by Users with a view to improving the service provided and enhancing the User experience. Nevertheless, once an order has been placed, access to personal data is enabled solely to the Eat Good Feel Good, S.L. company in order for Users to be provided with the necessary support relating to orders being processed via the chat hosted on the App.

Moreover, HONEST GREENS grants access to User data to the following:

  • AMAZON WEB SERVICES, for hosting the App, whose servers are hosted in Ireland. For further information visit:
  • STUART DELIVERY. S.L.U., for the goods transportation and home delivery services, and for enabling Users to track the delivery person using the App. For further information visit:
  • APPLE PAYMENTS. INC, as the APPLEPAY service provider behind the payment gateway in the App. Apple Payments, Inc. is stablished at the United States, so the provision of services involves an international transfer of data. However, Apple Payments, Inc. recognises and applies an appropriate level of security to personal data and has a model of the Standard Model Clauses ( Apple Data transfer PDF ) approved by the European Commission for the legitimacy of processing.For further information visit: .
  • ADYEN, as payment processor platform used for the payment gateway service. ADYEN is stablished at Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information visit:
  • SENGRIND (TWILIO, INC.), for communications with Users, sending User security codes for authentication at the registration stage in the App and other email marketing purposes. Sendgrid is a Twilio, Inc. subsidiary which is located at the United States, so the provision of services involves an international transfer of data. However, Twilio, Inc. recognises and applies an appropriate level of security to personal data and has a model of data processing agreement adapted to Standard Model Clauses ( )
    For further information visit:
  • CLEVERTAP (WizRocket Inc.)., for communications with Users, sending User security codes for authentication at the registration stage in the App and other email marketing purposes. WizRocket Inc. is located at the United States, so the provision of services involves an international transfer of data. For further information visit:

Based on their legitimate interest, the HONEST GREENS companies reserve the right to change, remove or add service providers which may be located within or outside the European Economic Community. When they do, the HONEST GREENS companies shall apply all measures needed to ensure security in processing, applying standard clauses approved by the European Commission or any other suitable measures covering the type of processing carried out to guarantee that the providers offer suitable assurances in line with current legislation.

Exercise of rights

Within the legal limits, Users may exercise their rights to access, rectification, deletion, opposition, processing limitation and portability of data, and to not be subject to automated decisions, including the preparation of profiles, by contacting the HONEST GREENS companies using the means of contact shown in the Legal Notice. To this end, Users can contact the HONEST GREENS companies in order to exercise the aforementioned rights.

Insofar as processing of data is based on consent provided by Users, they may withdraw said consent at any time without this being detrimental to the legitimacy of the processing made prior to said withdrawal.
In addition, Users have the right to submit a claim to the data protection officer, including the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

Steps to delete an account from the Honest Greens App:

  1. It can be made from the online ordering website at the following address: or from the Honest Greens App itself on the user profile screen.
  2. To access this section it will be necessary for the user to connect with their account previously. If you cannot access your account, please contact us at
  3. Once in this section it will be necessary to go to the configuration tab and click on the last button "delete account" and follow the steps.

When the legal texts (i.e., this Privacy Policy, the Legal Notice, the Terms and Conditions, the Cookie Policy) are modified, the App shall issue the User with a notification for the changes to be accepted, whereupon the new text shall be applicable.

Last updated: 30th May 2023